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    Battle of Kuat

    Jodi Oron

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    Battle of Kuat

    Post by Jodi Oron on Thu Oct 07, 2010 5:24 pm

    My Ships
    5x Mc - Home One type - 1300 (dunno what it goes to, I'll split it)
    1x Orbital defense station - 125 (dunno what it goes to, I'll split it)
    1x Imperial-II Class Star Destroyer - 575 to Shields 700 to Hull
    Total Shield: 4,012.5
    Total Hull: 3,887.5

    Enemy Ships
    10x Dauntless Cruisers
    Hull: 450
    Shields: 400
    Total Shields: 4,000
    Total Hull: 4,500

    Shields: All Gone
    Hull: 613

    Remaining Vessels: 2

    Ships 1-8: dead
    Ship 9: all Hull remaining
    Ship 10: 163 Hull remaining

    Willice Evans

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    Re: Battle of Kuat

    Post by Willice Evans on Fri Oct 08, 2010 1:50 pm

    (Taral, since i am not attacking your ship, i dont think it counts as a battle move against you, so you cant attack me, the jedi can, but i am gonna give them one of my Dauntless Cruisers when i am finished, Taral, you have to wait untill your next turn to attack me, we had a similar problem in the last game, the 2 people attacking the other faction (we are both attacking the jedi) cant take turns back to back, so we both haveto wait for the jedi to respond, thats how it was resolved, however, DW if you changed anything, and i am forgetting or anything, please fix this, oh and Taral, you posted 6 hours before the 24 hour limit was up.)

    My Fleet:

    3x Dauntless Cruisers
    Attack: 115 Damage to Hull
    125 Damage to Shields
    Destroy 1X Starfighter Squad
    1X Gravity Well
    Hull: 450
    Shields: 400

    Target: Dauntless Cruiser Aang and Taral are on.
    1x Dauntless Cruiser
    Hull: 450
    Shields: 400

    375 Shields (Total)

    End Result:
    Dauntless Cruiser Aang and Taral are on.
    1x Dauntless Cruiser
    Hull: 450
    Shields: 25


    "Lt. Hail the Jedi" I said

    "Aye Sir" Said the Lt.

    "Great Jedi, I understand I am attacking your vesel, this is for a good cause, i will give you 2 of my Dauntless Cruisers when this ship is destroyed, should i be killed, I leave all of my possesions to you" I said and waited a response

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    Re: Battle of Kuat

    Post by Aang on Fri Oct 08, 2010 1:56 pm

    "ok willice,old friend,but it may be i that will be leaving things to you,but since i am not dead yet i may ha a chance to live, i will see you in hell my friend"
    after that aang turned and said to is lieutenant"tell me when we can make a jump to hyperspace
    Wade Banna

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    Re: Battle of Kuat

    Post by Wade Banna on Fri Oct 08, 2010 3:07 pm

    (ignore my above posts)

    The Jedi Fleet Dropped out of Hyperspace Above the planet of Kuat, the Sith Capital, it was lightly guarded for it's reputation, The Jedi, instantly charged it's weapons and began to lay siege to the Sith Fleet in Orbit. 2 of the 5 Mc-80 the Sith Owned started to Fall into the orbit of Kuat, the Atmosphere was a massive drain on there shields, and they soon collapsed and fell into Kaut.

    A large group of Harrow Class Star Defenders, attacked the only Star Destroyer in Orbit. Which was some what easy, The Remainder of the Jedi fleet soon destroyed the Other MC-80s and the orbital Platform
    Jodi Oron

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    Re: Battle of Kuat

    Post by Jodi Oron on Sat Oct 09, 2010 2:22 pm

    My Ships:
    2x Harrow Class Star Destroyers - 145, 125
    4x Squads of Tempests - 100
    4x Ministry Class Orbital Shuttles - 0
    298x Dauntless Cruisers - 115, 125
    2x Allegiance Class Star Destroyers - 175, 130
    4x Imperial-II Class Star Destroyers - 575, 500
    1x MC-80 Home One type Cruisers - 1,300
    Orbital Defense Station - 125

    Total Attack:
    Hull - 650 2300 62 350 34270 1000 290 = 38,922
    Shields - 62 650 2000 260 37250 1000 250 = 41,472

    Enemy Ships:
    2x MC-80 Home One Type - 1,400, 1,700
    34x Harrow Class Star Defender - 650, 500

    Total Defense:
    Hull - 2600 22100 = 24,700
    Shields - 3400 17000 = 20,400

    My Ships: perfect condition
    Enemy Ships:
    Ships 1-36: all destroyed

    Sith Victory!

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    Re: Battle of Kuat

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